Advanced Performance Car Audio Cable

MCA BAP300 8 AWG Amplifier Install Kit


All-In-One Kit Includes Everything You Need for Advanced Performance Amplifier Power Hookup

  • 8 AWG Monster Standard power cable delivers high-current power to your amplifier
  • In-line weather-resistant MIDI fuse holder for up to 40 amp current handling
  • Nickel Finish ring terminals and Crimp sleeves for increased corrosion resistance


Drive Your Amplifier with High-Current Power Transfer for Crystal-Clear Sound Even at High Volumes
From the thump of house music to the roar of rocket engines, you demand the best sound quality from your mobile entertainment system. But your high-output amplifier needs maximum current transfer to accurately reproduce the high-resolution soundtracks found in today’s CDs, DVDs, MP3s, games and other sources while overcoming road noise, especially with the windows down.
Ideal for subwoofer amplifiers, Monster Car Audio BAP300 Amplifier Power Installation Kit Includes all the cables, fusing and connections you need for low loss, high-current power transfer to your amplifier. 8 AWG Monster Standard power cable delivers the current your amplifier needs to produce of total power for deeper, tighter bass you can hear and feel.


8 AWG Monster Standard Power Cable: 19.7 Feet(6m)
Features high-purity copper and special winding configuration to help reduce noise pickup and provide low-loss, high-current power transfer for optimal amplifier performance

DuraFlex ® Ultra Flexible jacket
Ultra Flexible for easier installs and maximum durability; resistant to heat, chemical and temperature extremes

Flexible, high-purity copper standing
Lowers resistance for increased current transfer; super-fine stranding bends around corners for easy installation

Colgate tube: 3.3 Feet(1m)
Protect the power cable from the heat of the engine room

8 AWG Monster Standard Ground Cable: 3.3 Feet(1m)
Safety grounds your amplifier to the chassis of your car

18 AWG Monster Remote Turn-On Cable: 19.7 Feet(6m)
Turns your amplifier on/off with your source unit

Monster In-Line Weather Resistant MIDI Fuse Holder with 40 Amp MIDI Fuse
Installs and fuses near the battery to provide protection against dead shorts or when current draw exceeds safe limits

Transparent Polycarbonate Protective Housing
Heat and impact-resistant casing helps protect fuse and power cable connections from short circuits

Set-Screw Design with Nickel Chrome Contact Power Cable Connectors
For secure power cable connections, optimal corrosion resistance and improved current transfer

Secure MIDI Fuse Mounting Collar
Locks fuse firmly in place for a connection that won’t vibrate loose

Gasket Rings
Provide a tight, weather-resistant seal

Two Crimpable Monster Nickel Finish Contact 8 AWG Ring Terminals
For corrosion-resistant cable termination at the battery or chassis ground

Two Monster Nickel Finish Contact Amplifier Barrier Spades
For connecting your power and ground cables to your amplifier; heat shrink and silicone insulators help prevent short circuits and create a clean, finished look

Four Monster Nickel Finish 8 AWG and One 18AWG Crimp Sleeves
For connecting your power, ground and remote turn-on cables to your amplifier