Advanced Performance Car Audio Cable

Monster New Standard Power & Ground Cable

Enables Optimal Current Transfer to Your Amplifier for Maximum Performance

  • DuraFlex® Ultra Flexible jacket construction makes this cable very flexible for ease of installation
  • Flexible,high-purity copper standing maximizes current transfer and bends around corners for easy install
  • Tinned Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) and special winding configurations
  • Color-coded cable jackets provide easy identification for proper hookup Heat-resistant temperature 105°C

Experience great audio in your car requires not only optimal signal transfer, but also optimal power transfer to amplifiers and other system components. The power cables you use can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turn heads. Featuring tinned Oxygen free copper special winding configurations and a Duraflex® Ultra Flexible jacket, Monster Standard Power and Ground Cables deliver low-loss, high-current power transfer and maximum durability for performance that breaks barriers without breaking your budget.

MCA SP1VI-50 : 50ft. Standard Power 1/0AWG Violet Bulk Cable – 15.2m
MCA SP1CL-50 : 50ft. Standard Power 1/0AWG Clear Bulk Cable – 15.2m

MCA SP1 (1/0AWG Violet and Clear)
・Outer Diameter : 16mm
・50ft.-15.24m Bulk Spool

MCA SP4VI-125 : 125ft. Standard Power 4AWG Violet Bulk Cable – 38.1m
MCA SP4CL-125 : 125ft. Standard Power 4AWG Clear Bulk Cable – 38.1m

MCA SP4 (4AWG Violet and Clear)
・Outer Diameter : 11mm
・125ft.-38.10m Bulk Spool

MCA SP8VI-250 : 250ft. Standard Power 8AWG Violet Bulk Cable – 76.2m
MCA SP8CL-250 : 250ft. Standard Power 8AWG Clear Bulk Cable – 76.2m

MCA SP8 (8AWG Violet and Clear)
・Outer Diameter : 6.5mm
・250ft.-76.20m Bulk Spool